Aesthetic Bathroom Mirror Shape

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The mirror is one of the home decorations that will reflect the shadow of objects perfectly. Well, usually the mirror is often placed in the bathroom.

Not only for mirrors, bathroom mirrors can also make the room look aesthetic and look spacious. Simply place the glass above the sink and under the bathroom light to make it feel brighter and more attractive. So, make sure you choose the right mirror shape.

So, what are the forms of bathroom mirrors?

So, so that you don’t make the wrong choice, consider some of the mirror models that can be used as bathroom fixtures below.

Round Mirror

Round mirrors are suitable for creating a minimalist impression. Quoting from Science Focus, elements with curved lines such as round can make the room look calmer.

Square Mirror

The shape of the square mirror is famous for its timeless design or it will never go out of fashion. You can use this mirror shape for a modern bathroom to make it feel more aesthetic.

Oval Mirror

Oval is a slightly oval circle shape that resembles an egg. Well, the oval mirror has a slim shape so it won’t take up much space. Of course, this shape can also add to the elegant side with a soft curve.

Rectangle Mirror

This mirror shape has four sides with symmetrical angles, which are 90 degrees. Suitable for bathrooms that are quite spacious because they can reflect more natural light.

One Body Mirror

If you have a dry Bathroom Mirror Shape area, you can place a single-body mirror right in the corner. Thus, the room will feel wider and brighter.

Well, those are some forms of mirrors that you can make choices to make your bathroom better and more comfortable to use. Make the bathroom the most comfortable so that you feel comfortable using it. Hopefully this information is useful for readers.