Combination of Red Sofa in a Minimalist Room

Red is classified as the boldest and brightest color. If we use it as a home decoration color, we can make the room feel more cheerful. One piece of furniture that can create that impression is a red sofa.

Moreover, the sofa is one of the household furniture that is quite dominant in the room. However, before placing a red sofa in the living room and family room, we need to make sure to choose the right furniture color.

So, what color furniture is suitable to be combined with a red sofa?

Well, this time, we have some red …

Types of Pillows That Can Be Used Everyday

So far, we know that the pillow is one of the bedroom equipment that functions as a headboard. Launching from Wikipedia, the pillow is a head support that we use to sleep on the bed, and also functions as a support for the body when we sit on a sofa or chair.

Apparently, not only as a head support while sleeping, there are other types of pillow models that we can use everyday. For example, a neck pillow that can be used when traveling. In addition, there are also mini contour pillows that can help with health problems.