How to choose a minimalist guest table in the apartment

Minimalist guest table Living in an apartment that has a limited area often makes us confused in choosing furniture. One of them is when looking for a minimalist guest table. Moreover, this table can be a focal point in the family room that becomes one with the living room.

However, you don’t have to worry anymore. You see, currently there are many models of guest tables that we can use for various things, aka multifunctional furniture. Of course, this piece of furniture can make the room look spacious.

So, how to choose the right minimalist guest table?

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Minimalist Dining Table Size Suitable for a Narrow Room

Minimalist Dining Table The size of the dining table is an important thing to consider. Moreover, the table is a focal point that can beautify the dining room. If not, the dining room will look cramped, especially if you use a table that is large enough.

For this reason, we need to measure the area of ​​the dining room at home before buying a table. Make sure the large dining table is only a third of the area of the room. So, we can more easily put other furniture, such as cabinets, refrigerators, and so on.

Multipurpose Dining Table

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Tips for Creating Modern Vintage Home Interiors

Vintage home interiors are a favorite design choice for many people. Moreover, this type of design uses antique furniture that was popular in ancient times, some even related to history.

It’s no wonder that vintage home designs are timeless or timeless. Even though it looks old, the furniture used can create an aesthetic impression, you know.

So, how to create a vintage style house?

So that a vintage-style house looks more elegant, consider the following ways.

Antique Wall Hangings

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Equipment for Making a Mini Bar in a Minimalist Home

Going to a restaurant or cafe is indeed the best choice for having fun. However, preparing your favorite fresh drink and enjoying relaxing time at home is no less fun, you know.

One way is to make a mini bar in a minimalist home. You don’t have to use a special room, you can leave a little extra area to make a mini bar between the dining room and family room, you know.

So, What Mini Bar Equipment Do We Need?

Now, we will share a number of equipment recommendations that you need to have to make a mini …