Elegant Dusty Colored Bedroom Design

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Dusty colors are a mixture of solid colors and gray. Usually, the resulting color will look a little dark and soft. For example, the color dusty pink which is a mixture of pink and gray.

This gray color is widely used as wall paint at home, especially in the bedroom area. Moreover, dusty colors are able to give a cool and calming effect.

Well, for those of you who don’t like colors that are too light and dark to use in the bedroom, then dusty colors can be the right color choice.

Dusty Color Bedroom Inspiration

This time, we have collected some ideas for this one gray bedroom that could be an option for you.

Color Dusty Pink

For those of you who like calm colors, then you can use dusty pink as a bedroom interior. Moreover, dusty pink is also able to give a feminine and romantic touch, you know.

Just use sheets and pillows of this color, then the bedroom will feel more beautiful.

Slate Blue for Bedroom Design

At first glance, the color slate blue looks like the color of water. No wonder, we will feel cool and calm when we see it, especially if you use it in a bedroom like this.

To make it look harmonious, you can combine it with white and gray decorations. If you want to create a brighter atmosphere, you can also combine it with orange and dusty pink.

Mauve for Bedroom Design

Mauve can be said to be a pale purple color because it has a darker tone than dusty pink. For those of you who want to bring a romantic and elegant atmosphere to the room, this color can be the right choice.

If you don’t want to make it look dominant, you can use mauve colored room accessories and combine it with other colors.

Color Dusty Green

Green is always able to give a natural and elegant look in the bedroom. Well, you can choose a dusty green color to bring a retro feel to the room.

Just use dusty green colored pillows and mattress sheets, like the following. Then, mix it with various other dusty furniture to keep it in sync.

Dusty Cream

Dusty cream can make a bedroom look rustic, but not stand out. This is what can provide a calming effect like other dusty colors.

In addition, if you use a dusty cream color on wall paint, it can give an unfinished look. So, your room looks unique and aesthetic.

Gray for Bedroom Design

When it comes to dusty colors, of course, we shouldn’t miss gray. This neutral color is easy to combine with other colors. Not surprisingly, the color gray is a favorite of many people to create Scandinavian and Japanese-style home interiors.