Equipment for Making a Mini Bar in a Minimalist Home


Going to a restaurant or cafe is indeed the best choice for having fun. However, preparing your favorite fresh drink and enjoying relaxing time at home is no less fun, you know.

One way is to make a mini bar in a minimalist home. You don’t have to use a special room, you can leave a little extra area to make a mini bar between the dining room and family room, you know.

So, What Mini Bar Equipment Do We Need?

Now, we will share a number of equipment recommendations that you need to have to make a mini bar. Anything? Come on, watch to the end!

Bar table at home

The bar table is mandatory furniture to make a mini bar in the family room. Unlike the table in general, this bar table has legs that are quite high.

However, make sure you have determined the concept of the mini bar first. If you like an elegant and modern atmosphere, you can choose an industrial theme.

It’s different if you like a warm atmosphere, you can choose a homey mini bar, like our inspiration below.

Bar chair at home

Make sure you choose a bar stool that matches the size of the bar table. To make it easier, you can directly buy a bar table set that is already equipped with chairs.

Then, also make sure the bar stool has leg support to make it more comfortable to wear, like our inspiration below.

Wall Shelf

Wall shelves serve to put drinking and eating utensils, especially in limited spaces. To make the mini bar look more aesthetic, you can put ornamental plants on a wall shelf, as in the following example.


Making a mini bar near the family room will be fun. You just need to put the sofa next to the bar table and add a reclining sofa to provide optimal comfort, as follows.