How to Make an All-Black Living Room So Luxurious

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Black is referred to as a color that symbolizes elegance. Not only in a mamba-style dress, wearing dark clothes, but we can also apply an all-black living room interior too, you know.

Moreover, the design of a room with a dark color is able to display the impression of luxury and elegance. In addition, the use of dark colored furniture can also create the impression of a wider room.

So, how to make an all-black living room so luxurious?

This time, we have a few tricks to make a dark room seem more alive, like the following.

Add Glossy Wall Decoration

When using black wall paint, of course the room will look dark and gloomy. Moreover, the color causes the wall area to not reflect light at all.

Give Texture to the Wall

So that the living room doesn’t look dark, you can add a little texture to the walls. One of them is to use a white hanging shelf with wood elements to create a warm impression.

Use Velvet and Leather Sofa

Sofas made of soft materials such as velvet or velvet and leather sofas can make the room look more elegant and luxurious. You can add soft sofa cushions.

Combine with White Furniture

Black and white living room designs can also make the room more colorful. For example, you can put furniture such as a minimalist white corner shelf. Then, you can add black decorations on top.

Hang the Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors can reflect light so the room looks spacious. You can choose a mirror with gold or gold accents, brass, or copper so that the room looks luxurious.

Living Room  Install the Carpet

Basically, the color black makes the room cooler. To make the room feel warmer and still aesthetic, you can use a gray floor rug.

Living Room  Use Elegant Lights

To make the black living room look more attractive, make sure you use the right lights. You can choose a minimalist chandelier with golden accents so that the room looks luxurious.