Main Household Appliances For Residential


Having complete household appliances at home is important. Moreover, each of these equipment has its own function that can help ease us in our activities at home, from cooking to cleaning.

List of Main Household Appliances Must Have\

Well, this time, we have a list of essential household tools that you must have. So, you are no longer confused looking for household equipment.

Shoe storage

If shoes and sandals are scattered everywhere, it will certainly interfere with the view at home. In fact, we also find it difficult to find the footwear needed. For this reason, you can use shoe racks and shoe cabinets, like this one.


The nightstand is a small table that is usually placed on the right and left side of the bed. However, the nightstand can also be used for decoration in the corner of the family room and living room. Well, here are the nightstand table recommendations that you can use.

Park bench

For those of you who have a garden at home, then you can use a park bench as a relaxing seat for sunbathing in the morning. Here are recommendations for sets of garden benches and tables that you can use at home.

Coffee table

One of the household equipment that needs to be in the living room area is a table. Aside from being a decoration, the table can also be used to put food and drinks when guests come to visit.

Side Table

The side table model is almost similar to a nightstand. However, the side table design is made more minimalist because it usually functions as a place to put decorations, such as vases or figures. Here’s a side table recommendation that you can use.

wall shelf Main Household Appliances

If you have a limited area, you can use wall shelves. Moreover, the wall shelf model is quite multifunctional. Not only to put a display, you can also make it a storage place.


Bookshelves usually consist of many partitions and have several levels. So, you can organize your book collection more easily.

Sofa Main Household Appliances

Household appliances that must be in the next house is a sofa. Not only as a seat, you can also use a sofa for room dividers and beds.

Make sure you choose the model, type and size of the sofa according to your needs. For example, if you have a large room, you can use a 3-seat sofa, recliner sofa, and a modular sofa. As with a narrow room, the sofa bed is the right choice.

Dining table

The next household utensil is the dining table. Usually, the shape of the dining table is quite diverse, ranging from rectangular, oval, and round. Well, the dining table is often used to serve food and a place to dine with family.

Tableware Main Household Appliances

Choose beautiful spoons, forks, plates, bowls and glasses to add to your appetite. The most important thing is to use quality cutlery so you can use it for a long time.

Kitchen set Main Household Appliances

One of the other important household appliances is the kitchen set. Usually, the kitchen set already consists of a table, cupboards, drawers, and cabinets. So, you can store cooking utensils and cutlery neatly.

Electronic Cookware

For those of you who like to make food, electronic cookware can be a mainstay. Well, there are two types of electronic cooking utensils that will make your life easier, namely oven toasters and air fryers.

Main household appliance refrigerator

Household appliances that must be in the house is a refrigerator. So, you can store food ingredients and maintain food quality for a long time. Here are recommendations for the best refrigerators that you can use.