Minimalist Shelf Models Make Your Workspace Neat

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Shelves are furniture that consists of several partitions and functions to store various items, such as books, documents, and other decorations. In addition to iron shelves, there are also unique and aesthetic shelving models for decoration in the workspace.

Before buying a shelf, we need to consider the need. Quoting from The Spruce, the selection of a work rack model does not have to be expensive, but it is necessary to pay attention to its main function.

Then, what does a minimalist shelf model look like for a workspace?

Here are some references to shelf models that you can place in your workspace, according to the shape, size, function, and color.

Hanging shelf

A hanging shelf or floating shelf is a wall shelf that you can install by hanging it on the wall. The use of hanging shelves is known to be efficient because it is practical and does not take up much space.

Minimalist Shelf

Do you like minimalist design? If so, you can decorate your workspace using a minimalist workspace model by choosing monochrome colors.

Wood rack

Classic wooden shelves can create an elegant impression. You can place it in the corner of the room or right next to your desk so you can reach various items easily.

In addition, cleaning wooden shelves is also quite easy because you only need to wipe the dirt with a half-moist microfiber cloth.

Adjustable Iron Rack

The metal work rack model is suitable for storing heavy documents. You see, iron shelves are much harder, stronger, and more durable than plastic materials.

You can choose an iron shelf with an adjustable system to make it easier to organize items in the workspace.

Corner Shelf

Corner shelves have several levels that you can adjust yourself and are made of iron. You can put plants at the very top of the corner shelf