The Type of Lounge Chair You Need at Home

Talking about lounge chairs, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Definitely a soft sofa that is usually placed in the family room. In fact, there are still other types of lounge chairs that can be an option for at home.

Generally, lounge chairs offer maximum comfort, especially when you are resting for a while after a tired day of activities.

Then, what are the types of lounge chairs besides sofas that you can use at home?

This time, we have some recommendations for lounge chairs besides sofas that can beautify your home.

Recliner Chair The Type

Easy Steps to Clean the Linen Sofa

Linen sofa is a fabric sofa that comes from the hemp plant and has a fairly light texture. From other sofa material choices, linen sofas can be used for a long time. In fact, this material is environmentally friendly because it can reduce the carbon footprint and waste.

In addition, linen also has natural antimicrobial and antiallergenic properties, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. No wonder many people choose a sofa made of linen at home.

So, how to care for and clean a linen sofa?

Don’t worry, linen sofas are easy to clean and maintain. First of …

Tips for Combining Tosca Color Wall Paint at Home

The color tosca or turquoise (turquoise) is a mixture of pale blue and green. This color means calm and balance. In addition to white wall paint, it turns out that Tosca color is also favored by many people as a home interior.

Generally, the color tosca can create the impression of a calming room. Even though it is not included in the monochrome color choice, you can still create an aesthetic room without containing elements of color collision, you know.

So, How to Combine Tosca Color Wall Paint?

Quoting from several sources, here’s how to combine the color of Tosca …