Tips for Choosing the Right Night Light Bulb

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The color of the sleeping light in the room can make the resting atmosphere more calm and comfortable. Even though it looks like a simple thing, you still have to be careful in choosing this type of lighting.

If the color of the light bulb that we use is too bright, the atmosphere in the room may become less conducive. Finally, it becomes difficult for us to rest.

Take it easy, choosing the model and color of the lamp is no longer difficult. Currently, there are more and more night lights being offered, ranging from unique designs, brightness levels, and choices of lamp colors.

Then, How to Choose a Quality Night Light Bulb?

For those of you who are still confused about choosing a light bulb, here are some tips from us.

Choose The Shape Of The Sleeping Lamp That Matches The Interior Appearance

Before deciding to buy a night light bulb, it’s a good idea if you first have to adjust to the appearance of the existing interior design. The reason is, the selection of the type and shape of the lamp will present a different impression.

Make sure you use the shape of the lamp that matches the appearance of the interior design in the room to make it feel more comfortable. As for the color of the bulb, use a slightly dim color, such as yellowish white, so that you sleep more soundly.

Pay attention to the lumen of the lamp light

The next tip that should not be forgotten is choosing the right lumen size. This depends on the lighting needs in the room you have.

For example, for the bedroom, you should choose a type of lamp with a lumen level that is not too high. Avoid choosing a lamp that is too bright because it can interfere with rest throughout the night.

Pay attention to the color of the light produced

In addition to the light level of the night light bulb, you also need to choose the right light color. Generally, LED lights are available in three colors, namely cool daylight, cool white, and warm white.

For bedroom needs, you can use warm white or yellow types. Well, here are recommendations for warm white  bulbs that you can use.