Tips for Creating Modern Vintage Home Interiors


Vintage home interiors are a favorite design choice for many people. Moreover, this type of design uses antique furniture that was popular in ancient times, some even related to history.

It’s no wonder that vintage home designs are timeless or timeless. Even though it looks old, the furniture used can create an aesthetic impression, you know.

So, how to create a vintage style house?

So that a vintage-style house looks more elegant, consider the following ways.

Antique Wall Hangings

Quoting from The Spruce, Ashley Harding, an owner of Vintage Refined, said that the main key to building a vintage home interior is to hang a classic wall hanging just above the sofa in the room.

Add Wooden Wardrobe

Wardrobe does not only serve to store various clothes or items. If you choose it right, an antique wardrobe can add an elegant impression in the room.

Choose Furniture Frames Made of Wood and Rattan

If you want to build a vintage touch in the living room area, add a chair, shelf, or table with a classic frame made of wood and rattan.

Add Yellow Light

The selection of yellow lights is perfect for vintage interior homes to add a warm impression. In addition, the yellow light also does not make the eyes dazzle.

Install Classic Clock

Usually, classic clocks are colored with iron carvings on the edges and rather large hour hands. You can place it right in the middle of the wall, both in the living room and family room. Here are recommendations for classic clocks that you can display at home.

Use Cream Wall Paint

Vintage home interiors are identical to cream or light brown wall paint. According to Verywell Mind, this color is closely related to the earth and can give the impression of security and serenity in the room.

Put Daybed

Daybed is a versatile piece of furniture with a shape resembling a chair and has foam like a mattress. You can use the daybed as a bed and to sit.

Use Chocolate Classic Shelf

Vintage home interiors are closely related to the use of classic brown model shelves. Place a shelf in the corner of the room and display some items on it, such as books, ornamental plants, and photo frames so that the room feels warm.