Tips for Organizing a Dining Room Based on Feng Shui

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The dining room is a place for dining and gathering with family. Therefore, we need to arrange the dining room clean and tidy to increase comfort.

To provide positive energy in the room, you can follow the feng shui rules of the dining room. For example, you need to pay attention to the layout of the dining table and the selection of decorations and wall paint colors.

Moreover, these two things can affect the energy in the dining room which can result in the health condition and welfare of the family.

So, How to Arrange a Dining Room Based on Feng Shui?

Well, this time, we have tips on arranging a dining room based on feng shui that you can do at home, as reported by several sources.

Use a Wooden Dining Table

Reporting from Home Edit, a wooden table can create stability and give a warm impression. Moreover, the appearance of the wood texture can enhance the aesthetics of the room.

Use Room Divider

If the room is integrated with the family room, you can use a barrier in the form of wooden furniture, such as a bookshelf to maintain positive energy. Moreover, each area still has its own advantages, even though they are in one room.

Avoid putting the dining table in front of the door

Quoted from Your Chinese Astrology, placing a dining table in front of the door can eliminate the comfort in the room. You see, the door is the entry and exit of bad energy.

Also avoid placing the dining table opposite the bathroom door because it can reduce appetite and family health. If you can’t avoid this, use a space partition to limit the dining table to the door.

Place the Dining Table on the South Side

In addition, you can put a dining table on the south side of the house. The south direction is a symbol of fire from the five elements that represent prosperity and prosperity.

Add lighting to make eating more comfortable. If you have a refrigerator in the room, place it towards the north to make it more prosperous.

Add Mirrors As Decorations Dining room

There is no denying that mirrors can give a room a spacious impression. Through The Spruce, Feng Shui expert, Anjie Cho, mentions that mirrors can multiply positive energy in a room.