How to choose suitable prescription glasses?

An unsuitable pair of prescription glasses will not only fail to correct the effect of the vision but will also aggravate the vision loss and cause serious headaches, dizziness, and nausea. So, how to choose the right eyeglasses products?
First, how to purchase a suitable pair of prescription glasses?
First, you need to go to a regular hospital or clinic for optometry. When you get the prescription list, you can pick the right eyeglass frames and lenses according to your face shape, parameters, and price. The merchant will follow the parameters and requirements of the prescription list for processing and

A complete process of eye examinations

When we mention eyeglasses, most people associate “optometry” with them; optometry is an essential part of selecting prescription eyeglasses. But what are the steps of optometry, and whether there are corresponding standards have become a question in many people’s minds?
The optometry process has a corresponding standard. To “optometry technical service specification,” for example, provides in detail all the links in the optometry process, including: “basic examination,” “objective optometry,” and “subjective optometry.”

Of course, if you already have a specific standard prescription, then why not start by matching your prescription glasses with free glasses online?

01 Basic examination

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