The Size of a Minimalist Bar Chair That Is Suitable For A Narrow Space

General Article

Minimalist Bar Chair Minimalist Bar Chair stools are high seating models with footrests and backrests. Usually, the height of a minimalist bar stool is equipped with a lever, so you can adjust the height of the seat.

This type of chair is now not only used in cafes, but also for mini bar areas at home. The reason is, this chair has a minimalist and modern design, so it can beautify the dining room.

However, choosing a bar stool should not be arbitrary. The chairs might be higher than the bar table. For this reason, we need to identify the ideal chair size and according to the height of the table.

Generally, the height of the bar table is around 110-120 cm. So, your ideal bar chair size is around 90 cm. The most important thing is to provide a distance between the chair and the table about 15-20 cm.

Then, what are the sizes of bar stools to beautify the contents of the house?

So, so as not to make the wrong choice, first check out some of the sizes and recommendations for the following bar stools.

Bar Stool with Height Approx. 63-84 cm

This one bar stool has a height of about 63-84 cm which can be adjusted as desired. So, it is suitable to be placed in a mini bar spot in a small house. You can choose between black and white chairs that match the mini bar theme.

Minimalist Bar Stool with Height 72 cm

This one bar stool has a height of 72 cm. So, suitable for a table that has a height of about 107-110 cm. In addition, this chair also has a simple design with a back that is not too high.

Minimalist Bar Chair Height 87 cm

If you want a wider seat diameter, you can choose a chair with a height of 87 cm. This size can still be used for a bar table with a height of about 107-110 cm.

Bar Chair Size Height 102-109.5 cm

If you have a table height of around 120-125 cm, then a chair with a height of about 102-109.5 cm can be the right choice. Choose a chair with a lever to adjust the seat height.