Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Set

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Kitchen Set Having a complete kitchen set in a minimalist kitchen is certainly something that many people dream of. Moreover, this one room is often used for cooking activities, from storing to processing food ingredients.

Kitchen set is a piece of furniture made with the main function of storing kitchen utensils, from pans, spatulas, knives, to cutlery. This furniture itself is usually composed of a number of cabinets and kitchen shelves.

With a kitchen set, all kitchen utensils can be stored and arranged neatly by category. Of course, this will make our cooking moments more enjoyable.

Then, how to choose the right kitchen set?

In order not to make the kitchen narrow, consider some of the ways to choose the following kitchen .

Adjust the size of the cabinet to the size of the room

Kitchen set sizes usually have a width of about 50-70 cm, a height of about 85-110 cm, and a length of about 120-200 cm. However, this size can be adjusted to the size of the room and the chosen model.

The most important thing is that we need to measure the area of ​​the room first. Thus, it will be easier for us to determine the design and size of this one furniture.

Kitchen Set Pay attention to the shape of the cabinet

In general, kitchen sets are in the shape of the letters L and U. However, you can also choose a kitchen cabinet that is only on one side of the wall. So that the kitchen does not feel cramped, you can choose a minimalist kitchen concept.

Consider Kitchen Cabinet Materials

There are several types of materials commonly used for kitchen cabinets, including aluminum, solid wood, particle board, and polywood. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

However, you can adjust it according to your budget. To keep the kitchen looking clean, you can add a ceramic or marble backsplash.

Choose Models with Multiple Storage Spaces

This one kitchen furniture usually consists of several types of storage space, including upper cabinets, storage drawers, open shelves, and lower cabinets. Well, to make the kitchen look tidier, make sure the cabinet has plenty of storage space.