How to Make a Cozy Japanese Home Workspace

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The Japandi concept is also often used as an option when designing a workspace at home. Japandi itself is a room design theme that combines 2 interior concepts, namely Japanese and Scandinavian minimalist styles.

This current interior trend is a favorite of many people because it has a simple appearance, but still aesthetic and looks luxurious. Moreover, if we apply it in the workspace. Of course, the room will look neater which makes our productivity increase.

However, how easy is it to create a Japanese-style workspace?

Relax, this time, we have some tips to make a minimalist workspace at home in Japanese style easily. Listen, come on.

Use a mix of neutral colors on walls and furniture

Japandi interior style consists of Japanese and Scandinavian concepts. However, did you know that these two interior styles have quite contradictory elements, you know.

The Japanese concept tends to use light and natural colors, from white, beige, to light wood brown. It is different with the Scandinavian concept which tends to use darker colors, such as black and dark brown.

Therefore, you can try combining two contrasting neutral colors to apply this Japanese style in your workspace. Use white wall paint combined with a beige work desk and black chair, like the following inspiration.

Give a touch of nature from the workspace furniture

After setting the color combination, you can choose the type of furniture you will buy. In the Japandi concept, the most ideal choice falls on wooden furniture to add a natural and minimalist impression.

Use comfortable work desks and chairs Home Workspace

The main elements that should not be overlooked when creating a workspace are desks and office chairs. Although famous for its minimalist concept, Japanese-style workspaces must also pay attention to the comfort of the furniture used.

Putting green plants as decoration Home Workspace

Because it is identical to the concept of back to nature, you can add a few green ornamental plants in the house. Place green plants in the corner of the room to provide freshness while on the move.

Organize office supplies with storage

The minimalist Japanese interior style tends to prioritize neatness. For that, avoid putting a lot of documents and stationery on the table. Moreover, a messy work desk can make work productivity decrease, you know.

Choose an aesthetic wall decoration Home Workspace

So that the walls do not look empty, add aesthetic decorations, such as round mirrors, abstract paintings, and so on. However, make sure to use a wooden decorative frame to make the room look more charming.

Make a mini pantry on the side of the room

Many people can focus on work while drinking coffee or eating a small snack. Are you one of them? If so, that’s a sign you need to have a mini pantry in your workspace.