Types of Wall Lamps That Add Aesthetic Value

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Wall lamps are room lighting devices that are mounted on the wall. Usually, wall lamps can be placed in the corridor of the house, dining room, bedroom, and in the garden area of the house.

Launching The Spruce, this lamp is not only to illuminate the room, but can also reflect light so that the room looks wider. In addition, if you want to make the impression of a room look luxurious, you can add this one lamp model.

Best Wall Lamp Recommendation

In general, there are several types of wall lamps that you can use, such as our recommendations below.

Top Light Wall Lamp

This type of lamp can add to the impression of luxury in the room. Usually, the light from the lamp will point upwards so that the room feels brighter.

Down Light

Different from the previous types of lamps, this one lamp directs its rays to the floor. Thus, the room will feel warmer. Usually, this type of downlight lamp is usually more suitable for use in a large room.


To create a classic touch in the room, you can use this lamp model. Usually, this room light is safer to use because it uses an ohlam.


Floodlights are mostly placed in various dark areas, both outside and inside the house. Usually, this lamp has a light that shines on only one part. No wonder this lamp is more often used to illuminate decorations at home.

Outdoor Wall Lamp

Outdoor wall lamps are commonly known as lanterns. Usually, outdoor lights are resistant to weather changes, both hot and during the rainy season.

Swing Arm Light

As the name implies, the room light with swing arm has a flexible design. So, you can direct the light to any part. This type of lamp is suitable to be placed in a narrow room so that it does not take up too much space.