Pastel Combinations for Minimalist Home Decoration

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We cannot deny that pastel colors always manage to spoil the eye. This plain and soft color is able to give a distinctive touch so that it makes the house look more charming.

To create a pastel nuanced dwelling, it is not limited to just one color, you know. However, you can combine several colors at once, ranging from blue, lilac, to pink.

So, what pastel color combinations are suitable for minimalist home decor?

Well, for those of you who want to change the atmosphere of the house into a pastel feel, consider the following inspiration.

Storage Pink on the White Bookshelf

White is a neutral color that goes well with any color, including pink. If you like reading books and have a lot of display objects, you can put a bookshelf in the living room.

Beige Sofa and Brown Table

To create a warm feel in the room, you can combine earth tone colors, such as combining a beige sofa with a brown table.

The combination of these two colors is soft enough that it can relieve stress and provide calm. Well, here are the recommendations for a beige sofa and a brown table that you can use in the living room or family room.

Pink Carpet and Yellow Bean Bag

Aside from being a decorative accent, the use of carpets in the room will also provide a sense of warmth and protect family members from the danger of falling Minimalist Home Decoration.

To be more beautiful and charming, use a soft pink carpet. Then, you can add a yellow bean bag to relax on the carpet.

White Nightstand and Blue Table Lamp

Instead of using a chandelier, you can put a table lamp to give an elegant atmosphere in the room. Tips, choose a blue minimalist table lamp and place it on a white nightstand  Minimalist Home Decoration.

Minimalist Home Decor Mint Wall Clock and Chocolate Frame

After focusing on room decoration, of course we should not forget the wall decoration. To be more functional, it’s a good idea to install a mint green clock that can liven up the walls.