Tips for Arranging Flowers at the Dining Table Charming


Tips for Arranging Flowers There is no doubt that flowers have beauty through their stunning shapes and colors. In fact, according to feng shui, flowers are an element that has a positive flow of energy.

Although flowers are synonymous with an event that expresses a celebration of joy or an expression of sorrow, you also use them as part of home decoration, you know. You can arrange flowers on the dining table.

Then, How to Arrange Flowers Correctly on the Dining Table?

Well, this time we have some tips for arranging and choosing the right flowers so that the dining table looks more beautiful.

Determine the type of Tips for Arranging Flowers

The first thing to note is to determine the type of flower that will be used. You see, not all types of flowers can be decorations in the dining room.

You see, there are several types of flowers that have quite a lot of powder. If the wind blows, the flower pollen may fall on the dish that is served. To decorate the dining table at home, you can use roses, orchids, peonies, lilies, and tulips.

Choose flower color

After choosing the type, determine the color of flowers that will be used on the dining table. The color of flowers actually contains a variety of beautiful meanings and meanings. Well, you can use flower colors with a cheerful and romantic meaning.

If you want to create a cheerful atmosphere, you can choose yellow flowers like wearing tulips. However, if you want to create a romantic atmosphere, then you can use red roses and white tulips.

Choose a flower vase

It’s not complete to have flowers, but not to use a beautiful container. Well, you can use a flower vase that matches the dining table decoration concept.

If you have a table made of wood, you can use a flower vase with neutral colors, such as white, black, and so on. However, if you use an elegant table made of natural stone, you can choose a vase made of marble or glass.

Tips for Arranging Flowers Add filler

Filler is a term for filler or complementary flowers that are often forgotten. In fact, the use of filler will make the flower arrangement even more beautiful.

There are several types of fillers that are often used, such as baby breath, leaves, and other small flowers. The following are recommendations for filler flowers that you can use.

Decide where to put the dining table flowers

After choosing the type, color, and vase, the last way is to choose a layout on the table so that it looks beautiful, but does not interfere with activities while eating.

Generally, the flower vase will be in the middle of the table. However, you can still put it more to the left or right of the table. The most important thing is that the flower vase does not make the dining table look full.