Aesthetic Bar Chair Models For Minimalist Homes


Bar stool is a type of seat with a high model equipped with a footrest to support the legs. Usually, this type of bench is often used as a mini bar table seat.

No wonder there are many models of bar stools that have different models, materials, and sizes. Generally, standard bar stools are around 100-110 cm high. However, we have to choose a bar stool that fits the table height

Make sure the distance between the table top and chairs is about 25 cm. So, you can be more comfortable when sitting.

Wooden Bar Stool Minimalist Homes

This type of wooden bar stool is suitable for making Scandinavian-style mini bars. You see, wood can give an elegant appearance in the room. Not only that, wooden bar stools are also known to be sturdy and durable.

Chrome Plated Bar Stool With Lever

This bar stool has a lever at the bottom that serves to adjust the height of the chair.

Industrial Bar Stool Minimalist Homes

According to The Spruce, industrial design is a building style with a combination of functionality, such as high ceilings and the use of brick as a building material.

To complete an industrial-style interior, you can choose industrial bar stools with powder coating finishing or furniture drying techniques using powder paint.

Chair With Backrest Minimalist Homes

Want to relax on a bar stool for an extended period of time? If so, this type of bar stool model with backrest is suitable for you. This chair is equipped with a fairly high backrest and soft cushions.

Bar Stool With Circular Base

The bar stool model with a circular base is able to withstand a fairly heavy load when occupied because it is made of sturdy iron. That way, you will not easily fall when using it.

Those are some models of bar stools and their recommendations that you can put at home, hopefully the information is useful and helps readers.