Combination of Red Sofa in a Minimalist Room

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Red is classified as the boldest and brightest color. If we use it as a home decoration color, we can make the room feel more cheerful. One piece of furniture that can create that impression is a red sofa.

Moreover, the sofa is one of the household furniture that is quite dominant in the room. However, before placing a red sofa in the living room and family room, we need to make sure to choose the right furniture color.

So, what color furniture is suitable to be combined with a red sofa?

Well, this time, we have some red sofa combination ideas with various household furniture that can be an inspiration for you. Listen, come on.

Combination of Red Sofa with Beige Carpet

Launching from Apartment Therapy, the combination of a red sofa with a beige carpet can produce the right contrasting atmosphere and provide a calming effect.

Combination of Red Sofa with Brown Table

Wooden furniture such as a brown guest table can always give a warm and elegant feel. Moreover, when you pair it with a red sofa. To give a more earthy look, you can choose a light brown color.

Combination of Red Sofa with Orange Pillow

Launching from Pure Wow, orange has the closest tone to red. Although both quirky and bright, the combination of these two colors can enhance the atmosphere in the room.

You can use a little orange as a red sofa decoration, such as using orange sofa cushions.

Red Sofa with White Bookshelf Minimalist Room

As a neutral color, white is always suitable to be combined with any color. Place a white shelf next to the red sofa to make it the focal point of the room.

Red Sofa with Green Plants Minimalist Room

Red and green are complementary colors. Therefore, you can add green plants near the red sofa. You can choose several types of plants with different green saturations.

Red Sofa with Pastel Furniture Minimalist Room

If you are still hesitant to make red as the primary color in the room, you can choose a pink sofa that is not too dark.

Then, combine the pink sofa with various pastel color furniture to make it look softer. Here’s an inspiring picture of a red sofa that could be an idea for you.