Bright Color Home Appliances that Make a Cheerful Room


Bright Color Home Are you bored with home designs that always use neutral colors, such as white and beige? If yes, then you can combine neutral wall paint with brightly colored household appliances to make it look more cheerful.

Indeed, natural colored room designs can make us more comfortable and calm. However, there is nothing wrong if you want to use light colored furniture so that it can provide more energy in the room.

Recommended Light Color Home Appliances

Well, we have summarized some recommendations for bright color household appliances that you can use at home, such as the following.

Mint Green Side Table

Want to buy bright household items, but don’t want to wear colors that hurt your eyes? Well, we recommend a side table in a mix of white, gold, and mint green below.

You see, mint green is still included in the pastel color palette which is easy to combine with various other furniture colors.

Pink Chair

Scandinavian design does not only emphasize the use of white and brown. You can also give a touch of pink with a wooden chair material.

Like this light pink chair with a modern design. You can use a pink chair as a focal point that makes the room look attractive.

Blue Wall Clock

White wall paint will look cooler when combined with blue household appliances. You can choose wall decorations with shades of blue.

Light Color Glass Vase

If you want to beautify the corner of the room and on the table, you can use a glass flower vase. You see, light-colored glass material can reflect sunlight well to all corners of the room.

Bright Color Home Blue White Table Lamp

Table lamps can make a room look minimalist and classic. You can put this blue table lamp next to the bed. Moreover, if you want to create a pastel bedroom that looks minimalist and charming.

All Green Bathroom Fixtures

The green color is close to nature because it resembles the color of pepophon. No wonder green symbolizes fertility and health. Well, you can use green in the bathroom.

Pink Sofa Cushion

If you want to make the sofa a focal point in the living room, you can add brightly colored pillows on it. Choose a pillow with a unique shape so that the sofa looks more unique.

Bright Color Home Table Fan

To stay cool while working, you can use a multifunctional table fan that has a light at the top. Don’t worry, you can change the direction of the light just by moving the neck.