Multifunctional furniture that can be a minimalist room partition

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Multifunctional furniture Small house does not always mean narrow. We can make it feel relieved if we unite two rooms at once. In fact, we can arrange it with a minimalist room partition using multifunctional furniture.

Moreover, this multifunctional furniture can save expenses. You see, multifunctional furniture models can be used for various needs. For example, as a seat and also a storage cabinet. Interesting right?

Then, what kind of furniture can be a minimalist room partition?

To help you, we have collected various recommendations for multifunctional minimalist furniture that is suitable as a room partition.

Sofa bed with Storage Space

A sofa bed that has storage space at the bottom can be a partition between the dining room and family room.

You can use a functional sofa bed that has 3 functions, namely as a seat, a bed, and a place to store household equipment. That way, you can still create a narrow room with a minimalist and neat design.

Minimalist Wooden Shelf

Want to make the second room look beautiful? So, you can use a modern minimalist shelf as a room partition. Choose a shelf that has a unique pattern. Then, you can decorate it with books,

Glass Display Cabinets

If you have an interesting collection, such as Marvel action figures, toy cars, or ornamental plants, arrange them in a glass display cabinet.

Place the closet right between the two rooms so that it can function as a partition. That way, the house feels more spacious, and still reflects your personality.

The kitchen table Multifunctional furniture

Want to unite the dining room with the kitchen? So, you can use a kitchen table that looks minimalist as a room divider. Of course, you can also use it as a dining table.

So, you don’t have to bother buying several separate tables that make the room cramped.

Multifunctional furniture Versatile Bookshelf

Versatile bookshelves can also be a room divider. You can use it to place various decorations and small items, such as books, ornamental plants, and other displays.