How to Make a Modern and Minimalist Living Room

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Who doesn’t want to have a modern and minimalist living room? Moreover, this room is the first place that guests will see. If the living room is neatly arranged, it can certainly give a comfortable impression for family and relatives who visit.

When we hear the word modern, it might make us think that all the furniture used must be expensive and luxurious. In fact, the main point to get a modern and minimalist touch in the living room lies in the use of furniture.

So, how to create a minimalist modern living room?

Well, this time, we have some tips that you can follow to make your living room look modern, but still look luxurious without using a lot of furniture.

Use a Minimalist Chandelier

Lamps are used to illuminate a room, especially if there is no sunlight entering it. So that the living room looks more modern, you can use decorative chandeliers with a minimalist and simple design.

Minimalist Living Room Choose a Suede Sofa

It is undeniable, the sofa is one of the furniture that can affect the aesthetics of the room. To give a modern impression, you can choose a sofa set with three seats made of suede which is equipped with small pillows.

Install Wall Mirror

Not only for the bathroom and bedroom, you can also display a wall mirror in the living room, you know! That way, the living room will look more spacious.

Unique Painting Display

To make the living room walls look more colorful, you can display unique paintings. The goal is that the painting is suitable to add aesthetic value in the room.

Use Soft Carpet

Putting a rug in the living room not only gives color to the room, but also comfort. Usually, carpets can be placed on the sofa and guest table area. For this reason, make sure the size of the carpet is not too small or too big.