Red and White Room Decoration Tips

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Besides having a deep meaning, the two colors are suitable to be combined. You see, both have different color palettes, namely vibrant and monochrome. So, it will not cause color collision.

Well, if you want to create a room design that is quite different from usual, you can use red and white.

So, how to decorate a room with all red and white colors?

Quoting from various sources, here are tips for decorating a room with a red and white theme that you can follow.

Choose Red Sheets Room Decoration Tips

To decorate the bedroom, you can put red sheets. This color can create an elegant impression in the bedroom.

Add a White Table Room Decoration Tips

Add a white table to make the room look more minimalist. You can place the table right in the corner of the room or stick it near the wall to leave space in the middle.

Pair it with the Red Chair

To make it more charming, combine a white table with red chairs. To make the room look more elegant, choose a dark red chair. While the bright red color, can give a pleasant impression.

Add a Red Decoration on the Table

Of course, putting decorations on the table can make the room come alive. Build a red and white atmosphere in the room by using ornamental plants.

Put the Multipurpose Shelf

Versatile shelves are practical enough to be used in the kitchen and dining area. In addition to being a storage area, you can also use it as a decoration at home.

Install Red Curtains Room Decoration Tips

Curtains are window coverings that are often referred to as curtains. You can install red curtains on the windows of the house to give a warm impression in the room.

Install the White Bulb

Use white bulbs to make the room brighter. In addition, this lamp can also make a room with a red and white theme look more prominent. Here are recommendations for white bulbs that you can use.