Tips for arranging an apartment living room so it’s not too cramped

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Living in an apartment is an option for those of us who are active in the city center. However, the apartment space is certainly not as big as the room in the house. In fact, there are several rooms that are integrated, such as the living room and dining room.

Usually, apartment types are quite diverse, namely studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom. With the limited size of the apartment, we need to be more careful when arranging furniture.

If not, the apartment might feel cramped and it will be difficult for us to move. One of the most important parts of the apartment is the living room. Moreover, this area is our place to welcome guests.

Then, how to arrange a minimalist apartment living room so that it is not cramped?

Surely you don’t want the apartment to be cramped because the living room is not well organized? Come on, follow some of the following ways.

Apartment living room Avoid putting too many decorations

The limited size of the living room does make us confused about arranging it. However, one thing that is most important to note is the use of decoration. Avoid adding too many display accessories to walls and tables.

You see, a clean room and not a lot of furniture can actually make the room feel spacious. Even though you only use a few displays, you can still create a luxurious impression in the living room.

Use a combination of furniture and bright color wall paint

One way to make the living room look more spacious is to use light colors. You can combine white wall paint and pastel furniture into the room to give it a soft yet spacious touch.

Apartment living room Choose simple and functional furniture

The most important thing when arranging a small living room is to use multifunctional and minimalist furniture. So, you can maximize the existing space so it doesn’t make it cramped.