Tips for Choosing the Right Sofa Size So It’s Not Narrow

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Are you looking to buy a new sofa, but confused about which one to choose? If so, don’t worry, this time we have several sizes, models, and tips on buying the right sofa.

Moreover, every piece of furniture must have its own standard size. Unfortunately, we often forget this when buying furniture, including sofas.

So, what are the sizes of sofas in general?

In general, sofas are divided into single sofas, 2 seater sofas, 3 seater sofas, and L-shaped sofas. Of course, each of these sofas has different sizes, as follows.

Single Sofa

Single sofa or one seater sofa is the smallest size that can only be occupied by one person. Usually, the size of a single sofa has a length of 75-110 cm, a depth of 70-90 cm, and a height of 80-110 cm.

Besides being suitable for a small room, you can use a single sofa as a decoration in the corner of the room, including the bedroom.

2 seater sofa

A 2-seat sofa or loveseat sofa is suitable for a room measuring about 2×2 m. Generally, this type of sofa has a length of approximately 130-180 cm, a depth of 72-95 cm, and a height of 65-110 cm.

3 seater sofa

Have a large enough room and more than 2 family members at home? If yes, then a 3 seater sofa could be the right choice for you.

Right Sofa Size  L sofa

L sofa is a combination of recliner sofa, 2 seater or 3 seater sofa, which forms an L angle. Usually, this sofa model can be occupied by 3-4 people. So, it is suitable for use if you have many family members and the room is quite spacious.

Right Sofa Size  Sofa Bed

This sofa model that can be used as a bed has quite a variety of sizes. However, generally sofa beds have a length of 130-200 cm, with a depth of about 50-60 cm. When opened into a bed, the width of the sofa bed can reach 100-150 cm.