Minimalist Shelf Design To Beautify Your Home In An Instant

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The function of the shelf in the room is not only as a storage area. However, you can use a minimalist shelf design as a focal point that can beautify the room. For this reason, the selection of a minimalist shelf model at home needs to be considered carefully.

Moreover, the use of shelves can also make the room more organized, and add to the impression of relief and comfort when occupied.

So, what is a minimalist shelf design that can beautify a room?

Well, this time we have some examples of minimalist shelf designs that you can place in your living room, family, bedroom, or kitchen. Come on, see more below.

3 Level Minimalist Shelf

Do you have a lot of decorations at home? If so, then using a minimalist shelf with 3 levels could be the right choice. You can put various ornaments, from photo frames, plants, to books.

Minimalist wall rack design

Wall shelves are suitable for narrow rooms measuring 2 × 2. You see, this storage area is fairly practical and does not take place.

Wood rack

Wooden shelves are often an option to make the room look minimalist and luxurious, but also beautiful. Well, you can choose a wooden rack with a finishing paper foil technique that makes the shelves become waterproof and chemical liquid, as well as scratch resistant.

Glass rack

The glass rack model is quite aesthetic and elegant to sweeten the room at home. Well, you can use it to store antique decorations and also a favorite display collection.

Minimalist Rack Mixed Iron and Wood

To create a more elegant impression in the family room and dining room, you can wear a minimalist shelf with a mixture of iron and wood.

Minimalist corner rack design

If there is an empty angle in the room, you can use a minimalist corner rack like below. Simply add artificial plant decorations or family photo frames to create a more elegant impression.

Wall rack with hooks

Putting a variety of personal photos with friends or family can add to the warm and intimate impression of a room. You can hang a rack accompanied by hooks so that all photos can be displayed beautifully.