How to make a child’s bedroom with a minimalist budget

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How to make a child’s bedroom When entering the age of 7 years and over, children began to be accustomed to sleep alone. As parents, of course we want your child to sleep comfortably and quality. One way is to give the best children’s bedroom according to his wishes.

We will also look at your child in arranging the bedroom, from the selection of furniture to the bedroom decoration. However, it is undeniable that making the bedroom will spend a lot of time and money.

Then, how to make a child’s bedroom

The answer is easy, really! Instead of being confused, consider the following steps.

Choose a bed and a single mattress

Beds and mattresses are the main furniture that must be in the bedroom. For children, you can choose a bed and single mattress measuring between 90 × 200 cm or 120 x 200 cm.

Use a minimalist storage drawer

The needs of children’s clothing are usually less than adults. So, you can choose a minimalist clothing drawer instead of using a large cupboard.

In addition to storing clothes, you can also use drawers to tidy up your toys and your things. You can also make the drawer a nightstand and put a sleeping light on it.

How to make a child’s bedroom Create a learning area

Children also need a learning area to do their school work. You can add a study table and chair in the corner of the room. Instead, use a study table that has a rack to tidy up his books.

How to make a child’s bedroom Choose the Right Sleep Lights Color

The color of the lamp can affect the quality of your child’s sleep. You can add a sleep lamp that can improve the quality of sleep. In addition to being a lighting of space, you can also use lights as bedroom decoration.

Install the sheets with attractive motifs

The sheets function to keep the mattress from dust and dirt. In addition, quality sheets can also make sleep more soundly. You can use sheets with funny pictures or according to your child’s favorite cartoon.

Add quality pillows and blankets

In addition to sheets, you also need to add blankets and pillows. Instead, use a blanket and pillowcase that is in harmony with the color and motif of the sheets.