Open Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas


Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas A beautiful minimalist kitchen interior design can make us more excited when cooking. One of them is an open kitchen design that can blend with other rooms, including the backyard or garden behind the house.

If you have a garden area behind the house that is large enough, then you can place the kitchen near the garden. Moreover, the atmosphere of the garden at home can help us more enjoy the moment of cooking in the kitchen.

As reported by the American Psychological Association, a garden atmosphere at home can reduce a person’s stress because our bodies have a connection with nature. This is what makes us more relaxed when cooking.

Besides being close to the garden, you can also create an open kitchen by installing large windows or doors. Of course, this open kitchen area can make the space in the house free from the pungent aroma of cooking such as the aroma of shrimp paste.

Take it easy, open kitchen designs can be used for various types of homes, both small and large.

Then, what does an open minimalist kitchen design look like?

Well, we have prepared some open kitchen design ideas that can be an inspiration for you, such as the following.

 Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas Open Kitchen with Wide Window

An open kitchen doesn’t always have to be outdoors. You can also make an indoor kitchen with a large window like the inspiration below. Just open the window while it’s cooking so you can breathe in the fresh air.

 Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas Semi Outdoor Kitchen

The semi-outdoor kitchen does not have a door because it opens directly to the outside of the house that blends with green plants. The advantage of this kitchen model is that you can cook while looking at green plants.

Minimalist Open Kitchen in the Backyard of the House

In addition to reducing stress, the outdoors is also able to improve one’s mood. Therefore, you can build an open minimalist kitchen right in the backyard of the house.

Minimalist Kitchen Unite with Dining Room

For a small house, you can create an open kitchen that blends with the dining room area. Just add a kitchen cabinet with the same color as the dining table set.

Modern Kitchen with Glass Doors

Want to make the kitchen atmosphere more beautiful, relieved, and bright? If so, you can create a kitchen design that is immediately surrounded by glass doors.

Open Kitchen Concept with Curtains

You can also make an open kitchen that blends with the backyard of the house using curtains as a divider. If you want to build a natural impression, you can use woven curtains.