Unique Bean Bag Sizes and Models for Minimalist Homes

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Minimalist Homes A bean bag is a soft chair model filled with round beads or styrofoam which is often used as an alternative to a lounge chair. Not only comfortable, bean bags are also available in various sizes and unique models.

Its light weight can also make it easier for you to slide and move this chair. In addition, bean bags include minimalist home furnishings that can be used in various rooms, both in the living room, family room, or bedroom.

Bean Bag Size and Model Guide

Before buying this one chair, make sure the size of the bean bag matches the size of the room so it doesn’t make it cramped. Well, this time, we have some inspiration for sizes and bean bags that you can use at home, as follows.

Square Bean Bag Model

This bean bag model has a size of 50x50x40 cm. So, suitable to be placed in the living room and family room as an additional chair. The seat also feels softer and more flexible to follow the shape of the body.

Minimalist Homes Round Bean Bag Model

The round bean bag model has a size of 50x50x30 which is suitable for use as a sitting mat. Its compact size also makes it easier for you to store it when not in use.

Triangle Bean Bag Model

At first glance, this model looks similar to a round bean bag. What sets it apart is the pointed end of the seat backrest.

This bean bag with a size of 90 × 105 cm can be placed in various rooms, from the terrace of the house, the living room, to the bedroom.

Minimalist Homes Novelty Model

Some bean bags are designed in various unique forms such as novelty models. This one bean bag has a size of 60x80x60 cm with a light color, so it is suitable to be placed in the play room and children’s bedroom.

In addition, this one chair has a unique shape, such as the shape of a rabbit, dinosaur, and so on.

Bean Bag Cover Character Image

Bean bags with cover images of characters such as ice cream and dinosaurs can also be placed in the children’s play area.