Types of Light Colors that are Good for Sleep


Choosing lamps for the bedroom needs to be done carefully. Because, there are several colors of light that can interfere with the quality of your sleep.

Launching from Healthline, the body’s natural sleep cycle is influenced by the hormone melatonin. Well, receptors in our sense of sight will send information to the brain and affect the production of the hormone melatonin.

According to the research journal Blocking Nocturnal Blue Light for Insomnia: A Randomized Controlled Trial, these receptors in the sense of sight are quite sensitive to light with wavelengths of 450-480 nm, which most people perceive as blue.

For this reason, lamps with warm colors are more recommended as a night light. You see, the color of this light will help you fall asleep faster.

So, what color lights can help us sleep?

There are several color choices that can help you sleep better, such as the following.

Red Light Color

Red is the best light color that can increase the production of the hormone melatonin. In 2012, researchers conducted a study on the effect of the color red light on the sleep quality of 20 female basketball players.

After 14 days, researchers found that participants who received red light therapy had significantly improved sleep quality and the hormone melatonin than those who did not. However, you need to choose a red light with dim lighting.

Amber Types of Light Colors

Amber is a color between yellow and orange. This color can make us feel calmer and increase melatonin secretion. Of course, this will have a good impact on your mood and mental health.

Pink Types of Light Colors

Technically, pink is a combination of purple and red which is classified as a warm color. So, if you want a slightly softer light at night, you can try pink.

Those are some recommendations for lamps that are suitable for sleeping, I hope this article helps and provides benefits for readers.