Tips for Creating an Elegant Modern Home Design

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The interior inspiration of each house is quite diverse, ranging from modern, contemporary home designs, minimalist styles, to all-vintage themes. You can choose the entire design based on components, such as the area of ​​space, shape, pattern, and color.

Well, this time, we will discuss modern home styles. Quoting from The Spruce, modern home design is a space style that prioritizes function and slim form in its ornaments.

So, What Are the Characteristics of Modern Home Design?

Here are some characteristics of modern home designs that you can apply.

Minimalist Ornament

Ornaments are home decorations that serve to enhance beauty. However, you need to use simple ornaments. You see, a modern home design will produce a room that is natural and understated.

Flat Roof Porch

Most modern homes emphasize the use of a roof with a horizontal or flat structure, but still large. The goal is to get lighting, ventilation, and architectural appearance to be more aesthetic.

In addition, flat porch roofs also have a longer service life than other forms and are easy to maintain.

Glass Walls and Large Windows

Modern style houses usually use a lot of glass and large windows. The goal is to let natural light into the house. Because, the impression of the room can be narrow if there is no incoming sunlight.

Quoting from Web MD, sunlight that hits the body can also increase the serotonin hormone in the brain and make us more focused, calm, and think positive, you know. Here are some glass recommendations that you can install at home.

Spacious Space

You need to create a floor plan that is connected to each other. For example, or not blocked by a door to add a spacious impression.

Modern Building Materials

Building materials that are often used in modern home designs are steel, iron, concrete blocks, and glass. This is because steel is a very sturdy material, concrete blocks are fire-resistant, and iron is resistant to all weather and termites.

Connect to Outdoor Area

Modern home designs also prioritize open concepts. In that area, you can put some greenery, install artificial grass, or make a swimming pool to keep the atmosphere cool.

Asymmetric Furniture Layout

Asymmetric is a design that has different sides. For example, in the living room, there is a 3-seat sofa at the right end, while the table and lamp are placed at the left end.