Types of Pillows That Can Be Used Everyday

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So far, we know that the pillow is one of the bedroom equipment that functions as a headboard. Launching from Wikipedia, the pillow is a head support that we use to sleep on the bed, and also functions as a support for the body when we sit on a sofa or chair.

Apparently, not only as a head support while sleeping, there are other types of pillow models that we can use everyday. For example, a neck pillow that can be used when traveling. In addition, there are also mini contour pillows that can help with health problems.

So, what are the best types of pillows?

Instead of being curious, get to know the following types of pillows. Maybe you’ll need one of these.

Neck Pillow Types of Pillows

This type of pillow serves to support the neck so that it remains in a natural position. The neck pillow itself has a U-shaped shape so that it can be placed around the neck.

Usually, this type of pillow is widely used when traveling so that you can sleep well in a sitting position. Well, here are recommendations for neck pillows that you can use.

Back Pillow

Quoting from Casper, sitting in a bent position for too long will cause pain and soreness in the back. You see, this sitting position can put pressure on the spine which causes muscles to become tense and tired.

Well, this is where a back pillow will come in handy. This type of pillow can support the lower back, relax muscles, and improve posture.

Sitting Pillow

If pillows are usually used for sleeping, then this type of pillow can be used as a seat. Because of its large size, the seat cushion can also be used in the children’s play area, you know!

Pregnant Pillow

Every pregnant woman often experiences pain in her legs and back during pregnancy. Well, to overcome this, they usually use a pregnant pillow as extra support.

Launching from Very Well Family, the maternity pillow is designed to provide comfort for the back, lower abdomen, and both legs.

Anti Snoring Pillow

The anti-snoring pillow is a health pillow designed to follow the anatomy of the neck and head to make it easier for oxygen to enter the body. So, you can minimize the occurrence of snoring while sleeping.

This one pillow is made of memory foam material, which provides comfort and coolness. Well, here are the recommendations for the best anti-snoring pillows that you can use.