Unique Nightstand Models to Beautify Bedrooms


A nightstand is a small table that is usually placed on the side of the bed. Usually, this table is used to put things, such as cellphones, laptops, glasses, to night lights. No wonder the nightstand model is increasingly diverse and unique.

As versatile furniture, having a nightstand in the bedroom can certainly provide many advantages. However, there are several things to consider when choosing a nightstand, such as size, material, and model.

In terms of size, make sure the width and height of the nightstand are not bigger than the bed because it can make the bedroom feel cramped. Generally, the right size nightstand parallel to the height of the bed or about 55-65 cm.

In addition, make sure the nightstand material is of good quality so that you can use it for a long time. The bedside materials that are often used are MDF, steel, particle board, and metal. All these materials are usually quite durable and long lasting.

Well, in choosing a nightstand model, you can adjust it to the bedroom theme. For example, an industrial style bedroom, then you can use a metal nightstand.

Recommended Modern Nightstand Models

This time, we have some recommendations for modern nightstand models that you can use at home.

Nightstand With Two Storage Drawers

Quoting from Architectural Digest, the best side table option is one that has drawers because it can store various items in it. That way, the room can be arranged more neatly

The most important thing is to make sure you regularly wipe the surface of the side table using a microfiber cloth so that all dust and dirt is lifted.

Nightstand with 1 Storage Drawer Beautify Bedrooms

If you have limited bedroom space, you can also use a nightstand with 1 more minimalist storage drawer. Usually, this one nightstand model has a fairly large storage area.

Versatile Corner Nightstand Beautify Bedrooms

In the bedroom, you can also use a versatile corner nightstand. Usually, this nightstand model is made following the corner of the wall. So, the room feels more spacious.

Minimalist Nightstand Beautify Bedrooms

For rooms with a minimalist design, you can add a nightstand with a simple model. Usually, side tables like this have legs made of iron, so they are more durable because they are known to be strong and not easily expand.

Nightstand With Drawers and Storage Shelves

A nightstand with drawers and storage shelves can be an additional place to store various items at home. You can choose a nightstand model from wood that has a more elegant appearance.